Monday, January 02, 2023

I See January

Hey, hi there Happy New Year! Our New Year's Eve was a wild one with the big storm keeping us stuck in town for a day because of slides and trees down, etc. We ventured out on New Year's Day for the traditional hike with my SIL's family. It was a very muddy trail, but very clear and blue skies and fairly warm. Even though we weren't house-bound for too long, it was still really nice to get out in the world and move around.

January's monthly marker photo is a mixture of two photos edited in SnapSeed.

The first is a picture of one of the printed/quilted pieces I made in December:

And the second is of the San Francisco Bay as seen from the shores of Alviso on our New Year's Day hike.

Here's my One Second Everyday video for December:

And my compilation video of all 365 seconds for 2022, it's more than 6 minutes, which is a very good reminder that all of those seconds add up!

My monthly look back at what the heck I did in December is as follows:

Monthly I-Did List for December

I kept making more blocks for the Pantone Project 

I updated my  spreadsheet/database for the Pantone Project.

I made another block for the first month of the Color Collective.

I made 20 blocks for my 5x5 quilt top.

I printed on my hand-dyes with several techniques.

I made three small quilts in a triptych with my hand-printed and hand-dyed fabrics.

I kept going on the Secret Lives of Color quilt-a-long (but still haven't posted it here yet). At some point I will share it, once I catch up.

I very very occasionally added to my Visual Journal aka Ephemera Journal.

I blogged here 18/31 days and Instagrammed 7 times and tweeted 10 times.

I traveled by air for the second time in years to participate in a medical trial.

For a December where I was recovering from being ill all November, and traveling, and doing all the holiday things, not as bad as I would have thought.  ie not zero! Ready to go in January...

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