Thursday, October 01, 2009

Time To Post Spooky Again!

Whoopee it is finally my favorite month of the whole year, October! I just love this time of year so much. The first big windstorm of the year just happened yesterday, and the roads (and my deck) are covered in all the dried redwood leaves that blew out of the trees, so it just feels like Fall with a capital F all of a sudden.

Luckily the Queen of Halloween, Laume is hostessing Post Spooky once again.
So be forewarned it is going to get spooky around here this month.
And if you feel so inclined, join us!
A very spooky logo this year...

Yes, I did it! I posted every single day in September for NaBloPoMo!

Now to try to do the same thing in October! I'm having trouble deciding which button to put up Ophelia or ObiWan?? An embarrassment of riches as they say.

And I'm planning to attend this terrific Halloween Bash this year put on by A Fanciful Twist on October 17th.
Why don't you join me?
Here's to a Spooky Month!

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