Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Blog-i-versary!

Hey, I just passed by my 5th blog anniversary this weekend. Hard to believe that it has been five years of blogging about all the art making and life living and etc. ...
Thanks to my dear readers for sticking around and giving me your ears(eyes) on occasion. I truly do appreciate your being there and listening (reading), and even commenting sometimes!
Here's a mosaic of some of my favorite pictures of just this last year.
The links go to my flickr account.


Mary said...


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I hope I make it to the five year point!
Okay, my fave of the collage had to be the banana slug.....but its the same speed I am, so there is some overt preference...... ;)
Many, many more! Yes!


jovaliquilts said...

Happy blogiversary! Five years of blogging, wow!
Very nice photos --

Suzie Ridler said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow, that is such a huge accomplishment, way to go! :)