Friday, October 16, 2009

Freebie Bag Makeover

My dear husband bought some books the last time he was at the airport, and they packaged them in this really nice freebie promo bag. I really liked the brown color and this was a seriously well-made bag (especially for a free one), but I just didn't like all the adverts all glommed all over it.
Except I did like the quote which is I suppose from a character named Enzo, in the book being advertised The Art of Racing in The Rain. I know nothing about the book, but I am intrigued by the title.

I thought the best thing to do would be to add some pockets as that was what this bag was lacking. So I measured the area I wanted to cover up, cut out and ironed two fabrics right sides together. One is going to end up as the lining. I decided to make a curvy shaped pocket, just to be different, and I guess I was inspired by the swirly spirals of the fabric.

After sewing the two pieces together, (leaving an unsewed area to turn the pocket right side out), I clipped the curves so that the edge will be curvy and not lumpy when turned.

After turning right sides out, I ironed the pocket, turning in the edges of the turning unsewn area. Then it was all about positioning the pocket to cover up the advertising and pinning it in place to sew it on.
But before I sewed it down I added two more contrasting pockets, sewing them together in order so that they'll be functional. All of the pockets are lined for extra strength.

An action shot of sewing around the edge of the pocket. I had to sew slowly as the bag fabric was a heavy canvas with a waterproofing coating on the inside.

And here is how it looks! Instead of one weirdly shaped pocket, why not three?

On the other bag side with the quote I just underlined it with some pieced together fabrics matching the ones on the other side.

A close up of the top of one of the pockets, it says CONNECTION, which I honestly can't remember why I chose that word (and I made this yesterday. hmmm, CRS really has set in). And you'll notice that I used the selvedge edge of the fabric without turning it over. I thought it look really cool and added a little bit of interest and texture without looking terribly selvedge-y.

Now to figure out what to put in those pockets!


jovaliquilts said...

What a great thing to do to a bag. I'm traveling now and may just have to pick up some books at the airport...

Laume said...

Excellent! I like the quote too. And the unusual shaped pockets - another clever idea I'm gonna abscond with - if I ever manage to make it into the studio again.

Laume said...

Oh, just read that last line - what to put in the pockets - well duh - the big one can hold your notebook and any papers you might need to look at - lists, maps, etc. The littlest one looks just the right size for your cell phone. The middle one is obviously for chocolate.

Anita Joy said...

I recently read "The Art of Racing in the Rain" and it is a keeper! Enzo is way more wise and likeable than Eckhart Tolle: a must read for animal lovers and people who like their books straight-up.