Sunday, October 11, 2009

It Must Be October

You know it is October when:

  • The Cal Bears have folded early for the season and the 49ers are thinking about it, and the SF Giants are watching the post-season from home.
    Mini pumpkins are in my big glass vase, along a new sparkly witch and the much weaker light of the fall.
  • We've got a cord of wood delivered and stacked and the wood stove is keeping us toasty and warm as I assume my yearly role of HearthMistress.
  • Moosewood Carrot Soup was enjoyed thoroughly by my family as well as some friends of my teenager. They were surprised to know that it was mostly just carrots.
  • Jeans and socks are now being worn every day instead of shorts and sandals.

1 comment:

Laume said...

Oooh, good idea. I might have to do a "you know it's Oct" post. I laughed at your sports one. Sad but true. But at least here we still have William's team, which wins often enough to keep everyone fired up. Knock on wood.
I bought some really nice glassware this summer and I was just thinking of filling it with things like pumpkins and spiders and bones, etc.