Friday, October 09, 2009

Halloween Making Links

Not too much Spook=i=fi=cation has been going on so far, just bought these two sparkly word blocks at the drug store. I can finally say that I've gotten one of the boxes of decorations out so far, but haven't opened it up quite yet.

I've been putting it off because of a little matter of cleaning up the living room "enough" to be able to decorate. I know dust is a good spooky Halloween decorating accessory, but it is admittedly at "worst-ever" status these days and I'm not being too self critical here, believe you me!

So of course instead of actually doing this cleaning, I've been either napping (thanks to a looong extended recuperation from the flu), or reading crafting blogs and I've got a few crafty Halloweenie links for you to go and peruse:

Whip Up (a list of links!).

A lot of these have some stuff that would be easy to do, some more involved, but all inspirational in their own ways.
So! Go make something!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I got my kitchen done, and the bannister. The boxes of halloween village items are sitting in baskets. DH asked if I would like to put them up this weekend.....all I could think of was "No, because I have to clean, then take them DOWN!" I did not say that. Nor did I add I have waaaaay too much work to I really would like to make a set of those napkins you had on blog. <:(

Sister in Dust.....Anne

Laume said...

I haven't done much spookifying either, in part because I've been gone a lot, in part because... well, I have lots of excuses - some of them actually legitimate. One of mine is very similar to yours - I need to clean up the clutter enough to make room for the decorations. At least my clutter is NEW clutter (so that's an improvement) - new stuff coming in and old stuff going out. At first I thought your photo said "Boho Spooky" and I thought - that's cool!