Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friendly Ambulance Company

This scene was on my ironing board the other day. Curious, since I hadn't been involved in the use of the scissors or seam ripper so I asked the most likely suspect, my older teenager. He just decided he didn't want labels showing on his clothing anymore. That it was bothering him that people (especially at his high school) care so much about what particular brand one is wearing. That he thought people should care about people and not what they wear. And he also didn't want to give free advertising to big corporations who don't need extra advertising.
I completely understood what he was talking about, and was kind of tickled by the last part about advertising since that is something I've tried to get my boys to be conscious of being manipulated by companies' advertising... In most cases he had successfully removed the labels without damaging the clothing underneath. I helped him repair the small holes in a few things.But then left behind are shadowy areas of different colored fabric, one of which is on the front of a jacket so we wanted to cover it up somehow.
He'd found this patch at Goodwill a while back, it originally said "FEDERAL AMBULANCE CO." We were worried that this might be Federal as in Federal Government and that he shouldn't wear it, sometimes there are laws about impersonating federal employees, etc. I looked at the word and said "how about I change it to read Friendly Ambulance Co. instead?" Well, that cracked him up big time, and after he was done laughing about he asked me to change it. So I did. After some removal of stitching and figuring out how to switch letters around this is how it ended up. No before picture, but I'm sure you can imagine it. This is going on one of his jackets, and he'll definitely be dressed as the unique person he is.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This so rocks!!!
You have good kids Julie---brought them up to THINK, broguht them up right!
I love the Friendly Ambulance opposed to the UNfriendly one down the road.....LOL!!


Deborah said...

Very clever! BTW, loved your (virtual) halloween party

Julie ZS said...

Thanks Anne! So far the boys are turning out great we'll see how that goes as we get through these teenage years.

Thank you Deborah, I'm glad you liked the Halloween party. It sure would be fun to have a real one with everyone that's visited the virtual version.

Rahul Kumar said...

Nice Post Beds

Laume said...

I'm pretty proud of him for thinking that whole label thing through too. I have kids who are label conscious (meaning they notice labels and it's important to them in varying degrees) and some who don't give a whit. A few years ago Hubby decided to go on a no labels/photos/words on tees kick. He's sort of backed off on that and is just using up the kids' old tees to be practical. But he loves winter and all those layers. He's now on a sweater kick. Me, I'm just happy to be liking how my clothes fit these days. I don't care about labels at all, except in a quality or fit sort of way. (some clothing companies wear better or longer). I do wear some tees with sayings or name recognition but only for the fun of it. Mostly not. And speaking of clothes, I'm really bummed there's no one selling fun Halloween underwear this year.