Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pre-Storm Cornucopia

Before the big storm's arrival I went outside to see if there was anything interesting to photograph.One of the remaining sedum blossoms still looking pretty.
Some mum's that have morphed over the year from very variegated to this single rich color. Self-seeding flowers usually get to grow because I am always interested to see how they change from year to year.Rexie is not amused about the big storm, he doesn't dig the rain *at all*.
Finally back inside, I did it, whee! I got the wall behind the tv/entertainment center painted all the way to the corner where our stone wall/woodstove is. This picture is of the top of the TV with one of my favorite Halloween decorations with one of the surround sound speakers behind it. The wall was green up to about the middle of this picture and oh was it ever bothering me, just this little bit of unpainted wall.
I couldn't get up the energy to move the whole shebang away from the wall so that I could paint it because it was going to be soooo involved.
Finally I just started in doing it, and roped/guilted the rest of the family into helping me move the heavy stuff after nearly dropping the television (whoops). It did take a really long time, but now we've got a wall that is all one color from end to end. And I'm no longer bugged when I'm trying to relax and tune out with tv or movies. A really great bonus is that we now have all of the electronics plugged in correctly to the stereo, that took longer than moving the stuff did! All those cords...But now, ahhh, much better.
Now to take some post-big storm photos, it was a whopper for sure, 12" of rain in 24 hours....


Darling Petunia said...

oh oh oh oh oh I love the kitty! Look at that fuzzy!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

The photos are great! And I love the kitty and the rose live forever. Mine are gone....they were beautiful all along the drive, full and pink and packed together.
Now they're all smooshed from cold and rain........