Monday, October 12, 2009

A Night Visitor

Last night out on our deck, a rather large and tall raccoon paid us a visit to see if there was any cat food left. Nope. But he was looking in the window for quite a while. Then he got up on the deck railing and flopped on his belly with his legs hanging over just like our cats do. Guess they must observe what how our cats relax or something?! I have seen a lot of raccoons, but I have never ever seen one do something like this, it was seriously funny.
He just sat there for quite a while as we watched him and dashed for our cameras. Usually raccoons look at you a bit and then ramble off to their next stop, but not this guy, he was relaxed and going nowhere fast. He finally had enough of our observations (or maybe he noticed Zelda the Wonder Dog getting more and more frantic at the window) and got up slowly, and climbed down ninja-like, head-first over the deck railing. Just another visit from the wildlife we share this forest with.


Laume said...

Cute fellow. We haven't had the skunks, possums, and raccoons we used to have now that our breezeway (and our cat food) is now behind screens. We do get a lot more deer in the yard though now that we have no big dogs to bark at them. Rosie barks at them but they're response to her is snort and the unspoken equivalent of "Yeah, right."

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This is amazing that you were able to get such a good photo. Did you have lights on the deck or use a flash? I have them here; mostly the leave...ummmmmm.....LRAGE CALLING CARDS on the porch. The day that it was right smack dab in front of the front door was just about the last straw. I swore I'd get the trap out (well, I swore A LOT) and send it to racoon heaven.
Which I didn't.....
They have the whole yard for heavens sake!
I do find their hand prints on the sdelights be the door, looking in.....inquisitive creatures! Ornery too!!


Julie ZS said...

I wish we had a screened in porch like you Laume, I have one scaredy outside cat that won't eat inside, and I have to feed him somehow, we try to only have food out during the day.
You've got some rude raccoons Anne! The most ours do is eat the cat food remnants by washing them in the water dish, or leaving their pawprints on my windshield. They did get in my car once when I left the windows open, found my stash of emergency nuts and dog treats.

They are definitely fearless though, this summer one was halfway inside through the deck screen door. The screen was busted at the bottom thanks to Zelda crashing through it. That would have been too exciting having a raccoon in the house, NOT!

Julie ZS said...
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