Thursday, October 22, 2009

Something For My Nicho

I've had a few nichos for a while now, can't remember where all of them came from exactly, I know I got this one from Silver Crow. I chose it because of the eye motif at the top, and how the wings look like they could be leaves. Anyways, I finally got around to making a little assemblage to put inside, so I can hang it up and enjoy it. As opposed to it being in my to-do-something-with-someday box....
Assembling some tools of the trade. Cardstock for a base, shiny wrappers from some fall colored candy, a ruler, scissors and glue stick. Measuring the inside of the nicho it is about 2.25x 2.5"

I glued several pieces of foil over the printing so that there wouldn't be any of the words showing when I'm done. Makes for some good texture. The metal numbers are out so I can choose which one, will it be 3 or 9?

Central image chosen from a Pomegranate Publishing calendar catalog (nice small images sizes) it is one of my favorite Susan Seddon Boulet images. I thought it looked a little flat, since there is so much room in the nicho, I added some fluffy fibers around the image.

Lastly I added the number 9.

I'm really pleased with how this turned out, now it makes me want to go make some more stuff to fill up the other ones that I have.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I L-O-V-E this!!!! And isn't it wonderful to have to eat the chocolates to get the wrappers???


Julie ZS said...

I had to do *something* with all those pretty wrappers lying around. And I suppose I need to go buy some more to make more collages, umm, yeah, that's it...

Laume said...

This is really cool. And these are called nichos, eh? Didn't know that. I really like them. I don't have any nichos, but I have a lot of really cool frames, in fact I picked up a few more today - I'll have to blog about that tonight. One has a lot of space beneath the glass and could be used in a simlar fashion. Such a small process but what great results. I think the little number 9 looks like an eye, like the eye of the fox. Very cool.