Thursday, October 08, 2009

Halloween Napkin Tutorial

I just made a few new cloth napkins for my family to use this Halloween season. I took some pictures as I worked so you can see how to do it. Super easy, and a good use for all those cute Halloween prints you've been buying all these years. Oh, I mean, me, I've been buying them. Anyways, here's how!
Pick two fabrics, contrasting patterns and colors is good just for fun.
Iron them, stack them and then cut a square to the size that you like napkins.
The ones shown here are about 16" square, but you can make smaller or larger of course.
Sew right sides together, around all four sides leaving an opening on one of the sides to turn right sides out.
Before turning anything, clip the corners fairly close so that they won't be bulky and lumpy once you're done.Turn the whole thing right sides out, carefully poke out the corners nice and sharp. Iron down the opening so that it matches the already sewn seam.
You can just sew that opening closed and be done, but I like to use an embroidery stitch and go all around the edges. This closes up the opening and gives the napkin a bit more of a finished look.Voila' you're done! Now go make some dinner already!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

These are SO CUTE!!!! I actually think I may dig out some of the fabric I have been properly curing and aging and make a couple for the table! I have this GREAT pumpkin print....... :)


Laume said...

I'd just hem the edges and make it a single layer. I worry about the two layer being hard to wash or getting skewed and not folding flat when washed and dried. Do you have any problems with that? Cuz they're cute the way you make them.