Friday, October 30, 2009

Dog Collar Scrunchie

I just had to do some sewing with my colorful Halloween fabrics, so I made a dog collar scrunchie for Zelda. Might as well decorate the dog too, right?
I measured the widest part of the plastic buckle, then cut 3 strips of fabric, each about 1.5" wide across the whole width of 45" wide fabrics. I wanted it to be pretty close to the size of the actual collar so it wouldn't be too floppy.

I sewed those together on the long sides and then hemmed the ends, then I sewed the final seam to make it up into a tube and turned it right side out. Next I just fed the collar in and scrunched it up.
See how happy she looks?

She had to show me the other side.

Then she had to signal that the photo shoot was over by politely crossing her paws and shooting me a most dubious look. Sheesh, I really need to trim those claws don't I?


jovaliquilts said...

Happy Halloween! Love that last photo.

Deborah said...

She looks beautiful and sweet in her Halloween collar!

Linda M. Poole said...

Oh....I need to make one for Zoie.....your pup is adorable

Darling Petunia said...

I did this once with my cat's collar, only I made it wider. She looked like she should have been a circus cat, walking a tightrope!