Sunday, May 22, 2022

Getting Orange Around Here


As I began cutting out the 8" circles from the double folded 8" squares, I wanted to do a non-sewn mock-up of one completed bullseye. Here's how it looks without the background orange square.
And here's how it looks with an orange background square behind it. Pretty nice! And Hot🔥🔥🔥🔥!

This is the first one that I actually got ready to sew down. Pinned down in four places and spreading out the folds with my fingers as I pinned worked out just fine. I really do like how those ironed-in creases work to center the circles so easily. It's definitely worth the extra ironing effort.
So now that I knew that the templates and circles were looking right, I cut out the rest of the 8" circles and paired them up with the backgrounds. In the foreground is all the leftover fabric which makes for some very interesting scraps.
Quite the spendid rainbow, huh?
I'm so excited to see how these progress as they get added to with the next two circles.
And here's the rejects that just didn't work for that wild swirly background. I cut something new that made a good

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