Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Nice Niece Still Needs New Quilt

Finally up to assembling the backing for my niece's quilt. I feel like such a slow poke, taking so long to get to this stage, but I'm staggering as fast as I can, I swear. I'm finally having long-delayed minor surgery on Monday morning, so hopefully I'll be more comfortable and able to sit and quilt and move around better. Fingers crossed.

Anyways, the four colors on the left, purple, blue, pink and green are all a nice cozy flannel, found on I liked how they weren't quite solids, slightly mottled. For a bed quilt I find it really nice to use flannel as a backing. Sure it is a little stretchy, but the softness is worth the extra work that it takes to quilt it.
The darker pink on the right is the fabric I'll be using for the binding. Now all I have left to do besides the layering and quilting is to decide which type of batting to use, I better ask how warm they want this quilt to be. Usually I'd pick warm and natural cotton, but they might want something else. I've never tried a wool, silk or the new bamboo batts all of which might be a good alternative. The nicest thing I used for a bed quilt was polar fleece, now that was hard to quilt, especially since I used a flannel backing too, talk about stretchy! But they are the softest, warmest, cuddliest quilts I've made so far.

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