Sunday, October 12, 2008

Apple Surplus

We have too many apples around here.
I shouldn't complain, but I can only eat so many fresh apples.
They are taking over the kitchen.
They fill an entire drawer in the fridge.
They fill several big bowls out on the counter.
There are still more on the trees in my yard.

So what to make with them?

I'm not up to making applesauce (not this week, hopefully that will change soon), so I thought I'd bake something, that wasn't a pie.

I chose a cinnamon roll dough recipe from my breadmaker cookbook, it is a simple sweet dough recipe. I love making dough in the breadmaker, so easy. This dough turned out really lovely. I rolled it out into a big rectangle, and filled it up with sliced apples which had been mixed with cinnamon and brown sugar. Rolled it up into a big loaf pinching the edges closed. Brushed the top with a beaten egg, sprinkled some more cinnamon and sugar on top.
After baking, here is what it looked like. Pretty gigantic, and man did it ever smell good.

Here's what it looked like inside.


Alex said "Mom this smells better than Cinnabon at the mall." High compliment indeed.

It only used up six apples though.



jovaliquilts said...

It does look yummy. My sister used to make apple pie filling and freeze it in pie-sized chunks. Good luck!

Anonymous said...


Here is a recipe I saw yesterday that looks scrumptious!

susan in spokane

Stephanie said...

This looks deliCIOUS!! I'm so happy that you'll be joining the Dia de Bloglandia!!

Laume said...

Apple bread - looks wonderful. I have too many apples as well. I finally gave up on the peaches. A few the bugs are eating on the ground, the last four I brought in went in the compost because no one ate them. I have grapes and apples still left and several nights of hard frost, so the time is NOW. I think the grapes will become juice because I don't feel like making jelly. And the apples I'll slice and freeze for winter pies. Our neighbor already picked a bunch of our apples and gifted us with big tub of homemade applesauce.