Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shadows and Light

An early morning shot of the sun shining through the fog and trees. Kind of hopeful looking right? Now here is the spooky version after being put through the lomo-izer filter at dumpr Doesn't it look like the end is nigh, better turn back now, your best days are behind you. Pretty creep-i-fied.
An over-exposed yet happy shot of Zelda the Wonder Dog. Yes she was posing for me. And after the lomo-izing. Look at how the greens change, and how her muzzle becomes the same color as the sky. Lomography is pretty interesting, I think it might be something I want to investigate...The lens that creates the blurry, color instense effect was originally made in Russia, and the current versions are all Chinese made now. Apparently there are quite a few original Lomo cameras for sale on ebay and various models go for lots of $$$.

A sunny photo of Zelda the Wonder Dog on the driveway. I love the almost spirally tail shadow!And then here it is after being lomo-ized. See how purpley the shadows become? And the driveway becomes somehow ominous. And Zelda's fur becomes unreal looking.

Now I think I need to get that Lomo camera I saw for sale at Urban Outfitters. Just to see how it comes out compared to using this digital filter as a substitute. Better start another birthday list going!


Laume said...

Hmmmm, I don't know if I'd actually want to own a camera that does this - I'd rather start with the original scene and do any changes online - assuming I knew how to do those changes of course. But it is interesting to see what it does - I went and played and some photos make a more dramatic change than others. I'll add them to the post I'm putting up tonight so you can see them. Thanks for the link.

Connie Carpenter Macko said...

very cool! I'm seeing some spooky photos over at my house with this very soon too! thanks for sharing!