Thursday, October 09, 2008

Colors of the Season

We have this beautiful picture of a Japanese temple on our calendar this month. Aren't those maples gorgeous? The leaves on our mini-Japanese-maple haven't really started turning quite yet, although it is supposed to cool off the next few days so that may be coming soon. Contrary to most opinion, the leaves do change in California, we don't have the same trees in the same numbers as say Maine, but at higher elevations, where it gets cool enough, biology holds forth, and the color changes ensue.But, wait, here are some leaves that have definitely changed color recently, turning the corner, this brilliant red orange appears. No, you don't want to collect those leaves to display on your table at home, that's poison oak! You know it is almost Halloween when the poison oak turns colorful. It sure easier to avoid it when it is this stand-out color. It is still pretty green down by the river though. Soon, some of the overhanging trees will turn yellow and get very spooky and bare.


Laume said...

We don't have much color change yet either, but we probably have as much as you get down there all season. We get a lot more color at our peak up here in the mountains. Out in the wild it's mostly the yellow of the cottonwoods and aspen, a bit of orange/red in the scrub oak. But in town it's all colors from all the planted deciduous trees.

Priscilla said...

I would love to visit america for the colour of the leaves! These photos are beautiful, we dont get quite the same colours in the uk....aahh well I can visit blog land instead, ha,ha