Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weird Bargain Fabrics

What do you think? Weirdest fabric ever? Or just weird?

This was on the sale remnant table at one of my LQS, Beverly's Fabrics. It is a lightweight polyester challis. The juxtaposition of the mundane yellow windowpane with the agressive hip hop dude graffiti is very jarring. (I say agressive because of his stance in having his fist pointing straight at me!)

Want me to make you a skirt out of this? I was giggling over it when the woman next to me (who happened to be the mean lunch lady from my boy's elementary school) started giggling too. We decided it was definitely hard to determine what kind of market this particular print was aimed at. But of course I had to at least take a picture of it. I wish I'd looked at the selvedge to see who the manufacturer is, so I could check out their other offerings. Don't you wonder what else they might have in this vein...Now I'm kind of wishing I'd bought some, think how much it would bug my kids if I tried to wear something hiphopish related, they'd never forgive me! (not really!)


Kirsty said...

Yo Dude! Youse makin' fun of my outfit? Giggle this...


But if you make a skirt out of it, the dude has to go on the butt side, dontcha think??


Karoda said...

this is for the sean combs or similiar fashion summer lines i'd bet...its where hip-hop meets the golf course.