Thursday, October 02, 2008

Self Portrait Challenge - Mirrors

The theme for this month on Self Portrait Challenge is mirrors.

At the doctor office yesterday for my pre-op appointment, I took advantage of the nerve-filled waiting time between nurse and doctor by taking some pictures. Thankfully I had my camera put away by the time the doctor popped in, although I suppose it would be easy to explain. No I'm not an undercover reporter documenting doctor's offices nefarious practices...just an obsessed photo taking blogger...

Sitting there, I noticed how mirror-like the paper towel holder was across from the exam table. I like the distortion, the not quite accurate reflection of myself, and also the internal frame caused by the raised rectangular design. I was pleased to be able to capture myself without having the camera showing. That almost always ruins an otherwise good mirror shot (to my eyes at least). The exam room has windows on two walls with a mirror in between, so this looks kind of neat with the dark window frame dividing up the picture. The morning light in the trees is beautiful too.

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summerbl4ck said...

nice way to pass the time. cool idea!