Saturday, October 04, 2008

Topper Returns

One of my favorite ghostly bits from the 1941 black and white movie sequel Topper Returns( I used to watch the tv show Topper in re-re-re-re-re-runs based on the original and wonderful Cary Grant movie Topper).
And yes you do recognize the actress playing the wife, it is Billie Burke (aka Glinda from Wizard of Oz). Her voice is so very distinctive isn't it? "And Toto too"

And yes, it is weird that the husband and wife have separate bedrooms. Guess people who have lots of money (they have staff too) can do when you have more than a few rooms in your house.

The ghosts in this show and movies crack me up, they're corporeal when they feel like it, and do other unusual kinds of other non-ghostly stuff. A very wry, witty series and movies that I used to watch and wish I could wear the dresses and have fun ghost friends and have a St. Bernard just like them. They just don't make shows like this any more. More's the pity.

I think I'll check with my library to see if they have the dvd's available just for old time's sake.

I'll have to do another post with my favorite ghost-related movies!


Deb said...

I remember Topper well. It was early confirmation for me that spirits do exist and although I lived with a family of peasants it was obvious that they had stolen me from some rich folk like on TV.

Barbara said...

One of my earliest television memories was watching Topper. I actually own the book, although I haven't read it yet.

Laume said...

I've always heard about this show/movie but I've never caught it. The clip was adorable. I'll have to search harder. And they have a book too?

Do you remember The Ghost and Mrs. Muir?