Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Green is the Word

The big box of green has arrived back home from its year long travel around the country.

Note: This post has scads of pictures so be prepared for that.

As you may or may not remember I participated in a round robin journal project based on colors (we got the idea from the book True Colors) with a group of artists from Traveler's Hart. The Big Box o' Green is a fabric covered giant Altoids tin.
These are the sign-in cards that everyone made.
A closeup of the messy edges of the box. Some glue is more "clear-drying" than others. ahem.
A detail of the beading I did on the outside of the box. The green moon bead got broken sometime during the traveling around, oh well...
One side of the card from Pam Thomas.

And the other side from Pam Thomas.A window effect from Vivian Montre.

Lots of texture from Vivian Montre.
One of the cards I did, how do you like the drink coaster on the bottom?
The reverse side of the card by me.
The insdie of the tin, on the left is the library pocket with all the sign in cards, on the right the green tissue paper and glitter.
The bottom of the tin.
The other card I made, one side.
And the other side, that picture of the native Alaskan costumed people still really pleases me.
A fabric covered card, love those mahjong tiles, from Pat Pleacher.
The other side of Pat's card showing the nice stitching she did on the edge, and the dangly beady bits off the bottom.
Lots of layers and depth on this one, says thank you on the central circle. By Megan Murphy.
The other side of Megan Murphy's card, showing the dangly beady bit on the bottom.

Shiny foil, embossed side by Emily. And the other pop culture influenced side by Emily, showcasing the Grinch, Kermit the Frog, The wicket witch of the west from Wizard of Oz, the Hulk, Marvin the Martian, Frankenstein, Jolly Green Giant, one of the Teletubbies don't ask me the name I thankfully missed that phenomenon with my kids (pshew), and the one eyed guy from Monsters, Inc. The words say: "Green Is In Style". Indeed!
An all fabric card, with a fun button and ric-rac, made by Misty.
One side of the card by Michele Merges Martens.
And the other side, the stamped words say: "green gree it's green they say on the far side of the hill", also by Michelle.
A harlequin window side by RedDog Scott.
All the same images are reused in this collage side by RedDog, very cool to have that relation as you flip the card over.
Here's what the box looks like when you open it up, card bundled up on the right with green ribbons.
Lori Z Art Maniac did this very dimensional card.
And there's the other side from Lori Z., aren't those fun postage stamps?
A painted side from Teresa Bailey.
The other side of Teresa Bailey's card with Buddha and a karate guy.
wow, did you make it to the end? That was a whole lot of pictures, hope you enjoyed checking out my box o' green.

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Sacred Suzie said...

Absolutely amazing! This kind of art is so humbling, I wish I could do it that well. Incredible, what a joy to look at!