Monday, September 22, 2008

Tale of Two Curtains

I think I mentioned before that a friend had asked me to make a small curtain for her bathroom, she chose the fabric and trims, and I whipped this up.
The curtain didn't work out, mainly because it was going to clash with the artwork she was planning to hang right next to it, so she chose another color direction, and here is the second curtain. I had some more of the dingleberry pompon trim left over from the first curtain, so I put that on the bottom for a little bit of fun. Doesn't this cool print remind you of a bead curtain?

I actually quite like both of them, and was happy to be able to help out my friend, it only took an hour and it is really nice to be able to actually finish something!! I think this was the first thing I've sewn in like a month.

No free shows for the neighbors anymore...

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Lunaea said...

And here is the curtain in situ -- doesn't it look nice? I appreciate it so much, Julie, and I'm sure the neighbors do too! :-)