Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Contrast #2

More contrast for self portrait challenge.

This is how I've been feeling from the inside looking out at the world.

Green around the gills with sickness watching the un-feeling, un-thinking political vomitrocious kabuki play out as the world watches, jaw on the floor that America is falling for it again.

"Normal" from the outside looking in.
Whatever normal is for me anyways.

If you were used to looking at my face, you would notice the extra worry wrinkle in my forehead, as well as the bruisy circles under my eyes from staying up late reading political blogs or watching political conventions.


Anonymous said...

I knew I like you. I'm going to assume you are speaking about the republican vp candidate?

Isn't that something. How can the religious right be so consistently stupid?

secret agent mama said...

Yes politics has a way of aging people. I know what you mean!

Jaye said...

Love the green accents on the top picture.