Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daylily Dance

My new daylily purchases have actually bloomed. What a nice surprise, I didn't think I'd get any blooms this season. Here are the two that have blossomed.
I love the color combination on this one, it makes me think that a ruffly skirt with these colors might be a good thing to try and make.
The bees are very happy with these flowers. So am I! This yellow/orange one is pretty intense, it just glows. I love how sparkly the petals are in this picture.

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Laume said...

So pretty. I bought a half dozen different daylilies several years ago and only one seemed to survive and bloom this year. Who knows, maybe some of those other bulbs will come back if I pull out some weeds, but it looks like I only have the one. And some of the regular orange ones, which are still pretty. I love the cream and purple one.