Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Contrast #1

I hadn't used the Warholizer at BigHugeLabs before, this is a pretty cool tool. I thought it illustrated Contrast pretty darn well for the first week of this months' Self Portrait Challenge.
The main contrast bere, besides the obvious ones in the image, is that I would never have posted this picture of myself if it wasn't for this device, standing in between the awfulness (to me) of the original image and the pop icon look that it is now presented in. The contrast between what we allow others to see about ourselves, and what we allow ourselves to see about ourselves is really striking and powerful. Almost too much to admit to one's self!

1 comment:

secretagentmama said...

I haven't used it yet, either, though I do love the mosaics there!

Great shot for the theme this week!