Thursday, July 03, 2008

Final Exquisite Corpse of Round One

This is the final blank square available on Susan's "Flower Power" exquisite corpse, the final Corpse I got to work on for Round One. I had the edge of Nellie's and Carolyn's work peeking out to give me clues, as well as the corner of the adjacent square (forgot who the artist was). The colors and patterns showing gave a little clue about where to take my work on this piece.
Also, Carolyn wisely included a small amount of dark red seed beads that she had used on her piece, I went ahead and incorporated them into my bead work and they really help to pull our two sections together.
Under the needle. Applying some tulle net to cover up the Angelina fibers.
Free motion quilting around the flowers.
The flat work done, now it was time to add some beading, which I took a lot of pictures of!
Do you recognize the fabric from my recently created skirt?
I happened to have the exact same fabric as Carolyn used, so I made sure to put some in the design, right up against the edge that adjoined her square. Out of all the fabrics in the world, it was a nice coincidence, eh?

You can see the dark red seed beads here, on the left is Carolyn's bead work that was showing, and then mine towards the right.
I also re-used some of the fabric I had turned into fusible fabric for leaves for Vero's Exquisite Corpse, there was lots available in my fusible box.
This is how the whole piece looked after I was done with it. My square is uncovered since it was getting sent right back to the originating artist, Susan.
A good shot of my piece overall, showing the edges of the other squares and how I overlapped/abutted.
I tried to tuck the fabric I was using under the edge of Nellie's work to have it leave no trace of the background, almost successful!

I felt I was fairly successful in integrating my final square into the existing work.

Showing the four corners where four artists' work meets.
And then finally, major fun bonus!! Susan sent a lovely thank-you box of goodies, papers, fibers, beads, all appreciated greatly, and which will be guaranteed to be put to good use. Maybe on Round Two of Exquisite Corpse.

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