Thursday, July 31, 2008

Self Portrait Challenge - Shine #1

I'll be honest and admit right up front that I'm not too clear on the theme this month for Self Portrait Challenge, but here is my first take on "Shine". Going for the obvious first.
I took a picture of myself in the morning before any face washing, to get the most natural shine possible. The unedited picture will not be posted on the internet. period. But with that shiny morning face it really gave my photo editing program something to work with.These two are the same picture put through a different filter. First is an inverter, second is "neon watercolor".
Zippy and I don't look too thrilled in either of them do we?
And with this post I successfully have completed nablopomo for the month of July, yay me! Will I do it for August too? Ask me tomorrow, in August.


Sacred Suzie said...

That is a super tough challenge and I think you did very well! It is kind of Warhol-inspired, I like it. I would have no idea how to go about doing that challenge, your interpretation is excellent.

I think you're so right, we have to focus on the right here right now and let go of the past, even if it's a place we would rather be. I hope you have a great letting go ceremony, blessed new moon to you!

theophany. said...

i like your take on the challenge as well!! it is always interesting to me how different people have different interpretations....
(so far, i think you and i are the only ones who did the august challenge this week, rather than july..)