Thursday, July 17, 2008

Montezuma Castle

One of the side trips we took just outside Sedona was to go see Montezuma Castle, a cliffside Native American ruin which is a National Monument. Perched way up on the cliffside was the castle. It was at least 105F when we were here, I felt like I was swimming through the heat even though there is zero humidity. It was great that the pathways were so shaded by sycamores. We were bummed to find out that we didn't get to go in the high rise apartment, it has been closed since 1951.I found the cliffs to be really beautiful, look at all the soft creamy colors, reminds me of frosting in the bowl.

Lower down the cliffside were the peon dwellings, a little lower rent, but easier to get to. I love the patterning of the stones, and think this photo would make a great silk screen image. You have to remember to look down frequently when you are walking in Arizona, otherwise an ankle-biter cactus will get you! Lovely flowers though, eh?

A grinding stone near the ruins. What a lot of work that would be! A reminder to be Very Glad that I can buy my flour pre-ground at the store.
In this dry, hot place amazingly there are some plants that aren't cactus related that manage to flourish. Especially if they are under a shady tree or near a seasonal river/water source. Many are still quite spiky, thorny, or otherwise unfriendly.

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