Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Figuring Out Figs

We have this very enthusiastic fig tree in the backyard. It produces figs seemingly continuously. And we've been very bad at actually picking and eating them. Don't tell my brother-in-law, he loves fresh figs very much and would be scandalized. I planted it several years ago to shade that side of the house which is very sunny. Finally the tree is growing and giving us some shade. I have good memories of climbing in the fig tree in my grandparent's backyard in Sacramento. We used to get up higher than the roof which seemed so daring and challenging back then.Somehow this week we've rediscovered how much we all love figs. And there are happily lots out there that happen to be perfectly ripe. When you look at the deep purple almost black color you realize this is going to be something that is good for you. Deep colors equal lots of vitamins and minerals. Anyways, they are really good for you. And with a sweetness that is quite different than a lot of other fruits. A very complex taste. And a the fruit highest in fiber of all common fruits, thought I'd mention that since this is High Fiber Content and all. Another fruit where you are eating seeds (like pomegranate). The patterning of the seeds as they present themselves when you slice open a fig is quite interesting. I like how they've arranged themselves. I also love that green yellow contrast with the purple skin. Always good to have fabulous colors on the food you eat, right?


Jaye said...

Love figs, also (peeling, not so much). Did you know that the Spanish make bread out of figs that is gluten free. I think bread is an exaggeration, but that is what they call it. Very tasty.

Anonymous said...

figs are tasty and healthy...what a combo!
plus i absolutely destroy the toilet every time i eat them