Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All Things OZ

I've always loved the original artwork by W.W. Denslow that went with the original Wizard of Oz book (which I think is loads better than the movie!) So I was really pleased to run across these small notecards the other day. They're made by Clarkson Potter from the book All Things Oz.

I'm not an Oz collector or anything, but I just really dig the illustrations which by the way, go *completely uncredited* in this boxed set of cards! How horribly rude!
Check out the Hammerheads on the side of the box! (The Hammerheads are hostile, armless, and with quickly extendable necks, so watch out!).
So if I owe you a letter, you may be receiving one of these...

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Sacred Suzie said...

Very cool and WILD! Crazy images there. See how the face are similar but now completely? Freaky!

That would be amazing if you could participate with the dreamboard, I'd love that and hope you have fun. I'm sure you will come up with something amazing.