Thursday, July 24, 2008

Too Much

I'm reaching my limit on too much. I was sitting there beading on an Exquisite Corpse piece and looked over toward my storage area in my work room. And had an internal "Aieeeee, too much!" moment.

Too much stuff.
Too many projects half done.
Too many projects never started.
Too many completed with no where to put them.
Too many have to dos, should dos, might dos, want to dos at some point.

What to do about it? It isn't healthy or useful for me to have this much, it feels like a weighing-down, an impediment to being constantly creative (or even usually creative).
Seems like a good point to re-evaluate and take stock of what I have, what I need to keep around to do what I want/like artwise, and anything besides that gets passed on or donated or tossed. No more keeping things around because the boys might want it someday (hah!), or because my grandma made it (or started it) or all the other eleventy-billion reasons I come up with, etc. etc.

Especially since we are finally readying the studio room with paint and flooring this weekend, so I can move in to my "real" studio and stop being so temporary and hesitant with where I am now.

Sounds like a plan right?
Hopefully I'll be back with an "after photo" soon.


Deirdre said...

much too neat for a BEFORE photo! LOL

:-D eirdre

Jaye said...

I felt the same way in April before I went through my fabric closet. I gave away fabric, tools, half finished projects, cut pieces - lots of stuff. I also recycled and tossed bunches of ideas and paper and junk. I felt really good afterward. I still feel happy whenever I go into the closet and see how tidy it is. It isn't perfect and I still have some POTS bits and pieces to buy, but all-in-all it worked really well.

I was thinking about your unfinished real studio and thinking about how that might have been part of the concern (limbo, ya know?), thus I am glad to hear that it is getting finished and you can move it. Perhaps you can vett everything and make sure it deserves a home in the new space?