Sunday, July 27, 2008

Study in Sepia

Here is the latest collaborative art journal coming through on the True Colors inspired rounds. This one is based on the color Sepia. I had to look up sepia to make sure I was thinking of the "right" color. I was close, but it is much darker than I had thought. The cover was a fabulous fabric/beaded construction. I did this two page spread.
The left hand page has walnut ink over crayon rubbings, clothing pattern tissue, brown tissue paper, corrugated cardboard heart (from a heart-shaped Altoids tin) glued on to be a pocket, embroidery floss, a word card from a German/American word game, a vintage picture of a minstrel and woman from Artchix, a very large gold circle sequin, and a line out of a vintage poetry book.The game card was too bright white compared to everything else, so I painted over it with the walnut ink. Note which words are being defined.Helen, thy beauty is to me... he sings to her.This is the reverse of the card with the question: "Can she trust her minstrel?" The card is attached to the embroidery floss.Here is the right hand page.Walnut ink over crayon rubbings, vintage maps and train schedules, embroidery floss, two vintage pictures of women also from Artchix, two more very large gold circle sequins, and two accompanying lines out of a vintage poetry book. Jenny kiss'd me when we met.
Whenas in silks my Julia goes...


martha said...

Jenny kissed me when we met
jumping from the chair she sat on.

love that poem

Jaye said...

Love the way you used the clothing pattern.