Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday Cornucopia

It is the end of a week, and there are always leftovers. Before I go off to niece's 3rd birthday party, I'll leave you with these goodies:

Kale Chips, an amazingly good snack. I made one bunch of kale into these chips and they were gone in two seconds, I barely got a picture of the remains of one as Alex was about to eat the last bit. Super easy and really really good for you. I'm destemming the leaves next time though, a little bitter for me on that part. But honestly, usually the kale ends up in my green smoothie as no one around here likes it cooked or stir fried. So chips it is!
Recipe from Camp Joy was as follows:

Kale Chips

  • 1 Bunch Kale

  • 1/4 C Olive Oil (I used spray olive oil)

  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  1. wash & pat dry kale

  2. spray or paint on a thin layer of oil covering both sides of kale

  3. lay kale on cookie sheet and sprinkle with salt & pepper

  4. place under broiler for 2-3 minutes

  5. flip kale over & broil 2-3 minutes or until crispy, yum!


I don't know if I missed the window for signups or not, time will tell. Anyways, even if I'm not an official participant in the Wardrobe Refashion blog, I'm still playing along at home. Have a few projects I've done recently that I need to take pictures of to share with you. Just overdyeing, but they turned out really cool.

I'm attempting NaBloPoMo this month, where the subject is Food, so be ready for lots of food content in addition to the usual High Fiber Content. If you've posted every day already this month, then you can probably still sign up.
Visit NaBloPoMo


And I didn't tell you yet about getting my very first ever pedicure while in Sedona. My sister-in-law Carolyn suggested it for the girls (Mom, Carolyn and I) and got these spa finder gift certificates at Costco, so it wasn't too spendy. It was really fun, and not all icky and horrible to have someone working on my feet. I don't why I was so worked up about it, but it was relaxing and my feet stil feel good a couple of weeks later. Plus I learned a few tricks to keep my toes looking better for the summer, we shall see if that works, right?!Believe me you don't want to see the "before" picture!

Lastly, and truly most importantly, have you been paying attention to the FISA/Warrant-less Wiretapping/Telecom Company Pardoning/Law-breaking excusing debacle in the Congress? I've been writing letters and emails and calling my senators on the issue.
Go read up and decide what (pdf link) you think. We're about to become a monarchy....and even the future President Obama has completely reversed on his promises, yes flip-flopped even, and is voting on the side of getting himself some kingly powers.

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Laume said...

1. Thanks for the kale recipe - I forwarded your URL to my DIL because she didn't know what to do with her CSA kale. Me and hubby like it cooked or raw, so we're good here.
2. Your pedicure looks great but I share your nervousness about having gotten it done. I'd probably enjoy it if I had one but all I can think of is it tickles to have someone touch my feet and would they stink (although my feet don't, just the idea of it) and so on.
2. No, 3. Can't have two twos. Anyway, I haven't checked to see if I'm officially signed up at WR even though I know I signed up at the right time. I never got any sort of confirmation. I guess I'll find out if I ever make anything and need to use the blog. I might go check out the NoBloPoMo thing... oh, but wait. I'll be in WA for part of the month with no internet access. Well, that puts the kibosh on that.
4. You might feel differently about Obama's vote on it if you watch Olbermann's special comments speech on it he did a week or so ago. I'm sure you can find it at the show's site (I think all his special comment sections are there) or on Youtube. Obama's vote isn't necessarily the bad thing you think it is. And he was gonna get creamed by the press no matter what he did. Well, go read it and decide for yourself.