Sunday, July 13, 2008

Professor Plum in the Conservatory

We are chock full-o' plums around here. The one tree we have is going bonkers producing for us. I went out this morning and picked a bucket full, washed them up and had to take a picture to show off their loveliness. We're having to pace ourselves so as to not eat one plum too many. When we get back from camping I'll be harvesting the rest to make plum jam. At least that is the plan, if our resident deer and Zelda the Wonder Dog don't eat them all. (She pounces on them as they fall from the tree, and eats them pits and all!). I'm pretty sure this is a Santa Rosa plum.
I love the transparency of the skin with the underlying colors of the red flesh showing through all that purple. This is the purple I want to dye sometime, with all that interplay of red, blue to purple.


Deb Lacativa said...

These are my favorites - 1.89 a pound in Publix right now. I wonder if you can dry them like grapes become raisins?

suzietee said...

I am extremely jealous that you can have all these fruits and vegetables. You lucky lady. Enjoy!