Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Enjoying Roses

I was going through a random box from the garage and found my flower arranging stuff, inherited from my grandma. And here are the three nesting vases I always coveted with some mini roses and one big rose.
The vases are a calm, pale, celadon green, bought in Japan when they lived there after WWII.
She was always whipping up beautiful centerpieces for her famous parties. I don't have famous parties, and my centerpieces are usually shoved aside soon after the meal is consumed so that poker or something can be played on the table.
But I wouldn't trade the time I spend making them for anything. It connects me to my grandmother in a way, taking this small amount of time out of a busy day to create a temporary spot of beauty in our very chaotic house. Even if I'm the only one who notices, it is important enough to me to keep on doing it.


Joanna said...

Julie, these roses are sooo beautiful! I especially love the shot of the one that is spiralling out. Thank you, this morning, for such quiet beauty.

Darling Petunia said...

They look wonderful. My rose bush is not doing well. :(