Monday, December 21, 2020

Block Printing Webinar

Last month, I was lucky enough to notice that there was a webinar through the Modern Quilt Guild about block printing, specifically Block Printing Repeat Patterns. I've done block printing, but haven't really tried to do repeat patterns. So, I signed up and I *gasp* actually remembered to watch it. The seminar was awesome, the presenter was very clear and thorough as well as entertaining. Pantera Saint-Montaigne has a retail textiles business in Brooklyn called Brooklyn Mojo. I loved the step by step videos she shared and all of the resources that she provided. 

Based on her recommendation, I bought a baren to help in getting good, even contact with the entire block. That's always been one of my bugaboos, so I'm hoping this tool will help with that issue.

I also bought a couple things from the Brooklyn Mojo store for holiday presents this year. They are very high quality and the printing on them is very well done.

Pantera mentioned she'd learned a lot of her printing techniques from Jen Hewett, who also teaches online, I've just signed up for her block printing class on Craftsy.  There's a big sale on Craftsy classes right now so go check it out if you're at all interested. 

Jen Hewett's blog has all kinds of cool info, including a weekly print series called 52 Weeks of Printness, very fun and inspiring to scroll through and get ideas. 

I really love carving blocks and I'm looking forward to carving some more. I'll share my progress as I go through the Craftsy class.

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Jaye said...

I love those dish towel motifs. They look fun.