Thursday, March 11, 2021

Product Review: Tula Pink Sew-Tites

The Sew-tites that I already have are great, and I find them very useful for all sorts of things. But the cute new heart-shaped ones that Tula Pink designed are just plain irresistible. 

They arrived in this lovely turquoise/teal padded envelope, and it turns out, they're really fun and easy to use.

 I really like the heart shape, it's very easy to hold when doing EPP because the heart is a lot easier to keep a firm grip without stressing your fingers.

Tula Pink's adorable product intro video is here. She talks about using them for EPP and also sewing materials like vinyl and cork where pins can't be used without permanently damaging the materials.
No tangling your thread around pins! I hate when that happens, and it happens to me a lot, so it's really nice and smooth going. Both the metal and plastic edges of these are absolutely smooth, so no snagging.
And just like that done. The package comes with five magnetic pin hearts, so you can prepare a few EPP shapes ahead of time, stitch them all down, then do up another batch. Makes for a very portable project too, in my opinion the less pins I'm carrying around the better.
Very easy to use, I really recommend these. 
And look at that, an almost fussy-cut star in the almost center of the hexie.
Definitely more practice needed there for me.


Jaye said...

I bet the point of the heart is really good for flicking off the back of the Sew-Tite. I find pulling them apart to be a challenge. I agree that fewer pins is better. I got blood all over a bag I was making when I poked the living daylights out of my hand. :( Should have been using Sew-Tites.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Yes the point of the heart makes them a bit easier to separate the Sew Tites. Yikes, that's awful, yes more sewtites.