Friday, January 11, 2019

This Might Work

Carrying on thinking about my word of the year: FOCUS.
What are the physical things I can do to help that happen this year?

One of the things that I know I need help with is keeping track of what I do, every single day. Otherwise I lose track of time and kind of drift off into the fog.

I found that having a calendar in the studio where I write down what the heck I accomplish, *however small* is essential to me to keep up the momentum, remember what I'm working on, feel like I'm getting somewhere, etc. I don't spend a lot of time writing it down, just a few words or sentences, but it's enough for me. It makes it more real and concrete if I physically write it down somewhere, cements it in my mind somehow.

This is the second year I'm using a 17 month weekly calendar/planner from Paper Source, it's sturdily bound, and has an elastic that goes around it to keep it closed. Not sure why, but I really love that one detail for some reason. Again I've chosen a calendar that is likely a school year planner, as it starts in August 2018 and goes through the end of 2019. So I use those months' worth of pages as places to glue stick in postcards and business cards and magazine clippings, and jot down the ideas they sparked or why I'm keeping them.

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Jaye said...

Great idea to keep this in your studio. I also find that writing my accomplishments **however small** is super helpful. It is good for my mental health as well. If I can see that I did some stuff, then I don't feel like such a failure.