Monday, January 28, 2019

Product Review - Magic Pins

I received these 1 3/4" Taylor-Seville Magic Pins in the mail from MassDrop right before the CQFA retreat so I brought them along to try them out. Turned out I really needed them as my traveling pincushion had hardly any pins in it? (Why? Where? Did? They? Go?) The sweatshirt jacket I was working on requires a ton of pins to get all the squares and rectangles situated and stable enough to work with on the machine.

Well...are they "Magic" or not? I confess, I'm like a lot of consumers, I'll give something a try if there's a magic thrown in the product name. Sad but true, at least I'm conscious of that bias, right?

These are very well-made pins, the "comfort grip handles" are actually quite nice and easy to grab, a little squishy to the touch so they don't hurt your fingers if you pinch too hard. The metal of the pin itself seems just fine to me, not at all rough, and the tips were plenty sharp. The handles are actually heat resistant, but I wouldn't put the iron down on top of them and leave it or anything.

One of the best things was that they didn't leave a hole in the fabric behind as some pins will. I noticed this with the batiks I was working with on the sweatshirt jacket, batiks are very finely woven and tend to hold onto pinholes, but not with these pins, which was nice to see.

I didn't care too much for the case that came with them, but I likely won't be using that as they're now all stuck in my pincushion, It was hard to get open, so that's probably a good thing so they don't spill in your drawer or bag.

I'd recommend these if you're looking for a pin for lightweight sewing, piecing that sort of thing. Not for more heavy clothes-weight fabric or many layers. I had a couple pins bend on me as I used them on the sweatshirt jacket.


Jaye said...

The pins in my traveling pincushion disappear as well. I think I end up sewing the project at home and putting the pins in my home pincushions, so I have to get more or rearrange them or something. Bottom line? I never have enough pins. These are interesting. I may try them.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Hah! That's definitely what happens, I just forget to check on the traveling pincushion before leaving home base where all my pins live.