Friday, November 06, 2009

Turning the Page To November

One last Halloween related post, I added one single solitary house to my very-long-in-process Halloween Houses quilt. It was a paper pieced version of a cabin that I printed out of EQ5. It is bending because it is still on the paper which was pinned up. I tried to get the skeleton in the doorway but managed to chop his head off. Guess it doesn't matter since it is a skeleton image, right? I like the ghosts in the windows though. Looking at this one, it makes me think that living in an orange house with a purple roof would be pretty cool. Only seven houses made so far, I think I definitely need a few more.

As you can see it is not yet a quilt by any stretch of the imagination. Just a hodge-podge of blocks at this point. Some crazy-pieced, some paper-pieced, one applique, the rest just plain ol' pieced. I can see my way to completion on this one though, had a few good assembly ideas while it was up on the design wall staring me down the last couple of weeks. Those have been duly noted and I've moved on, flipped the calendar page to November and have this up there now:The Fall Leaves or maybe Autumn Leaves quilt which I talked about last November, but didn't make any progress at all on it, even though I had lots of fabulous plans. Well, it is good to have the blog post from last year to remind me what the heck I had in mind. Looking at this one up on the design wall the last couple of days
makes me appreciate the different backgrounds that all the quilt block swappers used when they made these blocks, I'll have to make sure that the new blocks I make also vary the background fabrics.

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Jaye said...

Looks like you need a block swap!