Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Leaves Are Falling

The leaf blocks are getting made one by one. Here are the ones I've made so far based on freebie blocks I found online in various places.This one is a 3D maple leaf, the points are basically little pockets. Kind of a cool look, and there were instructions I didn't read at the end, that would make it even more 3D, little tucks to make as you sew the pockety points.

A paper-pieced leaf, lost the web address for this one, sorry that I can't link to it.
Left over squares made up into a good old 9 patch. I figure this will come in handy when I'm fitting together all these leaf blocks.

An applique chestnut leaf (with two chestnuts that look kinda like cocktail olives). I love this background fabric.

An in-process oak leaf ring. There are going to be acorns also. And I'll be satin stitching around all the shapes too.
So that's all the new leaves so far, they are looking good with the leaf blocks that I already had from the long ago block swap. Not sure that the quilt will be together in time for Thanksgiving this year, well truthfully I'm pretty sure it won't be! But it is still fun to work with the fall colored fabrics at this time of year.


Margi said...

Love all the blocks Julie! Those Fall colors so call to me! WOO HOO!

jovaliquilts said...

Love the leaves! Guess you have to make your own autumn living where you do.

Deborah said...

lovely leaves, nice textures

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This is coming along lovely, and of course, I am such a sucker for any leaves and in fall colors too!
Will be anxious to see it all put I am sure you will also! LOL!
Great colors!