Monday, November 23, 2009

Quilts & Color Video

Recovering from surgery on my right hand. Can't do much at all, since my hand is immobilized so that the tendon can heal. Getting Very Boring! And four more weeks to go in the splint.

So, I made a video of the quilt related pictures I have up on Flickr. Animoto the online program I used. It is really fun and easy to use. I am trying to decide whether to renew my membership or not, as I haven't used it too much over the past year.

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JD said...

I purchased a set of cotton threads for my mum to work on a quilt from eBay's shop Crafts Corner Shop

They are lovely and works perfectly alright at the cheapest price I could ever imagine. This sho has Pure Silk, Rayon, Cotton, Polyester, Metallic and other kinds of threads available at wholesale price.

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Thought you would be interested in.