Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another Banner Begun

Happy Thanksgiving eve! Here's another project I started before I'd realized the whole hand surgery thing was going to happen and be so danged limiting.
It was supposed to be an easy peasy appliqued banner and to be done for our Thanksgiving family celebration. Well, not this year. On the bright side, I suppose I have a big head start for next year! It is going to say Give Thanks like the paper one that I did manage to complete. Well now I guess I have time to fool around and find just the right font to use for the letters, maybe this one.
Or maybe I'll just make a giant sawtooth border using these huge triangles for the fallen leaves quilt.

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Jaye said...

I like the idea of a sawtooth order. I can't really imagine what you mean by a banner. Do you just mean that you would sew triangles together in a banner shape and then hang it up? I have a seen a few flag sets like your paper one, especially in Kelly Rae Roberts' photos of her house and have been thinking of making one to hang up in my workroom that says something like CREATE or IMAGINE. Something creatively inspirational.