Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fallen Leaves

Here are the last four blocks I made for this years' work on the Falling Leaves/Autumn/Thanksgiving quilt. Almost all of the components were cut out and conveniently stashed with all the leaf blocks and fall fabrics. They were leftovers from the block swap that got me started on this project way back when. This maple leaf traditional block really makes a nice negative space shape when you put four blocks together. That effect is one of my main reasons why I enjoy making traditional block quilts on occasion. Those secondary patterns really engage something in my brain.


Jaye said...

Pretty good for one handed and a blog post to boot! You rock!

How many blocks do you think you will make? Any idea?

Julie ZS said...

Shoot, I didn't make it clear enough,I made these blocks right before the surgery. So I was 1.9 handed.
I think I'll probably make at least 10 more blocks, then all the setting type of additions.Found a bunch more leaf block patterns in EQ to try out.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love the blocks---I think I had some fabric awfully close to that; quite fond of the pattern too.
May you heal quickly so you can get back to your normal busy self. I am frustrated enough from the *drop off* after getting the commission done and not knowing what to DO with myself (other than making messes) so I feel for you.
But, hopefully, everything will work wonderful and you'll be right back in the swing soon.
And Happy Thanksgiving!!!