Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A Lock Box

What's this?
Yes, another box. Why not, right? Turns out I have a whole lot of boxes in the queue just hanging out waiting to be decorated. This is an old vitamin box, I love these for keeping bead projects together, especially because it has a sliding lock.

I used the origami paper leftovers from the shoe box, along with some cancelled stamps from Japan and a lot of matte medium to hold it all down. I love the green/red complementary look with the black white checks.

Guess I need to put something on the inside of the lid since I didn't take off the label first.
Am I done with boxes yet? We'll see when I sit down to make something tomorrow...

1 comment:

Deirdre said...

Nice Julie - I don't know if you can fit any padding but the top would make a great place to put needles - if it can't fit padding how about a double layer of fabric for a needle?
:-D eirdre