Monday, April 12, 2021

Ring Class


The BAMQ zoom class with Latifah Saafir was great. She walked us through every step of her pattern Put A Ring On It. She had very clear instructions and demo videos. The members taking the class asked great questions too which helped me quite a lot listening to her answers. Latifah is a wonderful, giving teacher who is clear and enthusiastic which is a great combination.

After going through making the whole block, once you get the hang of sewing this type of curve, the sewing itself is not so hard. The design and the actual cutting out of the units is a bit more to master.

This is a design in-process picture. I was going to go with using the same solid orange all the way around the ring, but went with a similar orange print for half of the squares.

This is the one ring I completed in the class. I really like how it turned out. There are some things I need to do better on the next one for sure. I got a lot more pieces cut out too, so I'll be working on sewing some more rings together.
And now after all the sewing and cutting I came to realize that I was in the situation where I have to find some more of this fabulous fabric to execute my design. Thanks to friend Jaye and her amazing online finding skill, I managed to get 3 more yards of it which should be plenty.

Another Ring of Fire cover by Social Distortion.

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