Monday, July 08, 2019

Finish A Long Q2 Finishes

I only managed two finishes off my proposed Q2 list. But that's twice as many as I did the previous quarter, so a huge improvement right? ;-)

A lot of work went into completing Triangle Study so I'm pleased that I actually pushed through and got it all the way completed.
I had to finish piecing, quilt the whole thing, add a binding, a sleeve and a label.

But the smaller amount of finish work I had to do on  False Flag Sorbet also counts as a finish for this challenge.  I like how the back ended up looking with the facings done, the sleeve and label added.

I made a lot of progress on the Slurpee Stitched, now that it's squared, it needs some hand stitches at the edges where I had to add on some fabric, and then it's down to just needing the final finish work, so it'll go on the Q3 list I think.

I also did some hand stitching on the Technology's Spine quilt and have more of a plan on how to get this one completed.

I didn't do anything on the other projects on my proposed finishes list, more on that later.

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