Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Nice Niece Nabs New Quilt

What's this? Someone using a sewing machine around here?
Is that a walking foot I hear clickity clacking along at 90mph?
Why yes indeedy it certainly was.
I put my getitdone sweater on and finished up my niece's quilt.
Why yes, the one I started on back in July.
The deadline was 2pm Thursday. Yes, Thanksgiving Thursday. At about 1:50pm, I was done. Really and truly done. Talk about last minute, sheesh! After all that work would she even like it?
The giftee was suitably incredulous at first.
"Bwanket for me?" asked with big surprised eyes, clutching tightly to the empty cornucopia.
"Yes, and you can put it on your own big girl bed and be cozy and warm." answers her wise mother (my fabulous sister-in-law).
Repeat several times.
Dawning comprehension that this agressively, crazily PINK monstrosity is headed for her unsuspecting bedroom.
Then she started to look at the squares in amongst all the PINK, and find all the animals and faces and crazy stuff I stuck in there.
"For me?" she asked in an unsure, yet hopeful voice.
"Yes, sweetie, I made this quilt just for you, it is all yours, for your own bed." I answered.

We put it away in a bag to keep it safe from cranberry sauce spills and big cousins galumphing about with greasy turkey legs. But she kept going and dragging it out to look at it again and again, beginning a quiet chanted mantra of "my kwilt, my kwilt.".
Hee hee, I guess she likes it and she learned a new word!

Her dad (wisely hiding behind the quilt) and my dad on the right (grinning for the photo), held it up so I could snap a picture. Yes it is upside down, but you probably couldn't tell that from this view. And no I forgot to take a picture of the back, so you could actually see the cool quilting patterns I did. They showed up really well on the solid colors of flannel that were pieced together for the backing. In the center of each square I did either a star, a heart, a flower, a spiral or a circle. The rest of the quilting was just boring, yet beautiful and functional too straight up and down in the framing from top to bottom and side to side. Well, next time I visit, I'll try to snag a picture of the back, and the cool treatment I did on the binding. That is, if the new owner will let me!

Here's a picture of the aforementioned cranberries cooking in wine, spices and sugar. Recipe is too easy and I could eat a quart of this a day.
This was all the cooking I had to do for the holiday, husband, mom and two sisters-in-law did all the rest. I think I'm on tap for the next shindig...guess I better confirm that, eh?

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