Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Seminal Seussical

I finally took some pictures at the closing performance of my son's middle school drama class production of Seussical. Here is what the stage looked like as the show begins. We now have two of the trees at home, the boys are setting them up in their rooms. They're covered in fake fur (very sheddy and messy).
Here are the Sneetches and the Bird Girls, with Horton the Elephant in the middle. It was very hard to take pictures without flash, as the performers are moving around so much. So this one is fairly un-blurry.

Here's another shot of the BirdGirls in the center. Pretty colorful huh? I hope they can re-use the costumes for another production, most of the bloomers were plain white skirts used in two previous shows.
This was my first experience helping with costuming in any performance. I've done some backdrop/scenery stuff before, but this was different. As I think about it, I have to say it was a genuine thrill the first time I saw a stage filled with 20 performers wearing stuff I'd dyed. Usually I'm the only one wearing my dyed stuff, and I don't look at myself all that often. So it was fun and rewarding to see my work out there getting used and enjoyed by so many others.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely performance and it brought back many fond memories of my son's performance of Seussical.... feathers... lots of feathers...

It is lovely to be reminded that anything is possible...