Tuesday, December 09, 2008


This is how my camera saw it.
Here is how I saw it. (through the lomo-izer on dumpr)
My eldest son is noticing that his photos with his digital camera aren't the same as what he sees with his eyes. He started using a film camera recently too, and is very excited about how much closer the film images are to what he sees. We've been having an intense discussion about this lately, which is pretty cool. How important it is to be able to get across to another person what exactly we see, how it makes us feel, and how much we want someone else to see something similarly. It turns out that this issue isn't just about the science of rods and cones in one's eyes, or how the lens on your camera gets the image to the film or the memory card.

I am loving checking out Jane Dunnewold's Daily Visuals blog. She has such a great and thoughtful way of analyzing imagery and pointing out design inspirations from any source image. I really appreciate her ability to share what she sees.

Have you tried This Is Sand?? If you ever enjoyed making those layered sand pictures, this is the no-mess internet version. It even has the sound of falling sand. Very fun. Oh and addictive. Don't say I didn't warn you!

I found the link through COLOURlovers. A really comprehensive look at colour and design and pattern, very wide-ranging and thoughtful and, of course, colorful!http://www.colourlovers.com/

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Shasta said...

Your son is right - the digital camera certainly does show the world in a different way than the film camera. And since you don't have to pay for film, the experimentation is so much fun!

The sand art site is also fun. Thanks for sharing it.